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Silicone - a special type of rubber elastomer that has specialized properties. The most important features in favor of silicone are:
» Temperature resistance - performance characteristics of silicone details do not change over a wide temperature range from -50oC to 250oC. It is also possible to work in short-term contact with a temperature of up to 350oC. Silicon rubber ignites only at 430oC and burns at around 750oC.
» Chemical resistance - silicone materials have excellent resistance to various types of gaseous, liquid and UV media. Among the most common media can be distinguished: oxygen, ozone, hot air, typical inorganic and organic solvents. Very weather-resistant.
» Non-stickiness and high hydrophobicity with respect to various media (lacquers, glues, paints ...)
» Thermal insulation and electrical insulation - silicone rubber has comparable insulation properties with the world's best insulating materials and keeps them at elevated temperatures.
The only drawback with silicone details and coatings is their relatively low durability against other commercially available elastomers.
Silicones are processed using die casting and vulcanization technology. The hardness in which this elastomer occurs is 30 Sh'A - 90 Sh'A.

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