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Polyureas are an improved version of polyurethane materials. The main uses of polyureas are various types of protective coatings. Coatings made using the above described materials are characterized by:
» High strength parameters
» Damage and scratch resistance
» Resistance to the aquatic environment
» Weather and UV resistant
» Resistant to polar and non-polar chemicals (acids, bases, aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters ...)
» High temperature resistance (140oC - continuous contact, 180oC - instantaneous contact)
» Can be applied on any type of substrate regardless of its shape
» High adhesion to the substrate
» No overlap during shell application (monolithic coating)
Due to the reactivity of the ingredients used to make the polyurea, it is processed only by spraying in the form of solid coatings. The minimum thickness of the applied layer is 2 - 3 mm. The surface of the coating after spraying will always have a rough structure. As with polyurethanes, polyureas are found in different hardnesses.

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