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Samples, prototypes, consulting
Our factory follows the motto that if you help someone, this help will come back in the form of benefits in the future. Our staff is always available to help at various levels - technical advice, sending samples, making prototype elements, etc. We follow such a policy, because it is often difficult to say whether a given solution on paper actually fulfills its task. At the beginning, we always try to exchange opinions on a given subject with the contractor giving all pros and cons. We advise you on the modifications of projects, drawing our knowledge from the experience we have acquired in other projects. The selection of a given material is also determined on the basis of experience and often we send material samples to customers. It is always better how you can touch, pinch, bend or even destroy the mechanical material. If these two activities do not raise doubts among our contractors, we can make different types of prototypes if possible. Sometimes, unfortunately, after the prototype is made, the topic breaks off, but in most cases the prototype turns into a small or multi-series production. You have an unresolvable problem - contact us.
Polyurethane safety isolators
The polyurethane processing is quite specific. Cast polyurethanes are often called "the first material". This is due to the fact that we obtain a polyurethane elastomer of a given shape from the basic raw materials. Therefore, it can not be called a typical processing only for the production of polyurethane. We do not use typical physical processes here as in the case of extrusion and injection, but only a chemical reaction leading to a usable product. In connection with the above, we can modify the product's properties at the stage of selection of raw materials and chemical reaction. We had to perform such modification of the elastomer for the needs of one of our clients. The order concerned insulating elements, which under the influence of improper heat and current flow will melt by breaking the system and will not ignite themselves. We managed to get details about the low burning rate. If you need a polyurethane elastomer with specific and non-standard properties, contact us and we will certainly help you.
Silicone protective elements in powder painters
Plastics from the group of elastomers are used for industrial purposes, even where we could not expect them. One of such interesting examples are powder painters. The elastomer element used in powder coating plants are protective details made of silicone. Why silicone hollow? This is related to the powder coating technology. Powder paint is burned and dried in furnaces where the temperature is 180 - 200 ° C. Any other elastomer, unfortunately, is not resistant at these temperatures. When applying the powder, the silicone covers protect the elements that are not to be covered with paint. Then the covers stay in place and the element goes to drying. In the final stage, the silicone covers are removed and we get a perfectly covered object. Silicone as a non-stick material allows for easy removal without the possibility of damaging the paint.
Hard polyurethane - properties of typical thermoplastics / polyurethane strength
Hard polyurethane - properties of typical thermoplastics / polyurethane strength
The technology of polyurethane plastics is mainly based on elastomers in the hardness of the Shore A scale (30 - 95 Sh'A). These are the hardnesses most often used for solid elastomers and polyurethane foams. There are not many descriptions in the literature that PUR can also occur in hardnesses greater than those described above - on the Shora D scale. The properties of details obtained from polyurethane in the "D" hardness are similar to typical thermoplastics (polyamide - 85 Sh'D, polyethylene) - 66 Sh'D, Teflon 60 Sh'D). In addition, PUR materials in the "D" scale gain an additional increase in parameters in relation to typical thermoplastics - increased abrasion resistance, increased resilience, increased elasticity. The specificity of polyurethane processing also allows us to obtain usable elements in quantities that are not very serial, which also increases the possibilities of this material. Production of details from typical thermoplastics is possible only with the help of extrusion or injection technology, unfortunately, the low-volume productions are virtually unprofitable. The picture shows a detail that was made of polyurethane with a hardness of 80 Sh'D (performance characteristics like polyamide or ABS).
High pressure leak testers
Extensive experience and years of work associated with the composition of elastomer mixtures allowed us to obtain polyurethane elastomers with the strongest strength parameters. This is an important feature for elastomers in low hardness in the 25 - 50 Sh'A range. Many PUR elastomer processing plants use ready-made polyurethane systems offered by suppliers. The disadvantage of using this solution is that using one system for the hardness range 30 - 95 Sh'A we get the average processing and strength properties of polyurethane. To sum up, a system of this type must be well processed and have good properties for each hardness in the given range. The polyurethane used for gaskets and leak testers must be characterized by high tear strength and a large back after deformation. Our polyurethane systems in the 25 - 50 Sh'A hardness range meet all stringent requirements for the production of all types of seals. As a company, we serve large industrial plants related to the automotive industry, where the emphasis on the quality of seals is the greatest. Due to the fact that our factory is service - production, we offer the possibility of making various types of seals in prototype, unit, low and high serial quantities.
Self-adhesive solid and foam rubber platesIn the offer of our factory you can find many different elements from elastomers, including solid and foamed ones. In recent times, we have managed to launch the production of solid and foam rubber panels and additionally the possibility of making a self-adhesive layer. Among the elastomeric bases we use: NBR, SBR, EPDM, while among PE and EVA plastic bases. Each of the replaceable materials has specific and specific properties corresponding to a given raw material base. If you are looking for advice on the selection of material and the possibilities of its use, please contact us.
In the offer of our factory you can find many different elements from elastomers, including solid and foamed ones. In recent times, we have managed to launch the production of solid and foam rubber panels and additionally the possibility of making a self-adhesive layer. Among the elastomeric bases we use: NBR, SBR, EPDM, while among PE and EVA plastic bases. Each of the replaceable materials has specific and specific properties corresponding to a given raw material base. If you are looking for advice on the selection of material and the possibilities of its use, please contact us.
No-crach wheels - special and unusual orders
No-crash wheels on the market are available in the series. Many plants that produce them use nominal dimensions without offering non-standard dimensions and shapes. Having machining centers, we are able to meet demanding customers who need custom no-crach wheels. Such a demand often results from the characteristics of no-crash wheels and the lack of availability of a wheel for a specific dimension. In addition, we make elements in various hardness, which also increases the variety of details we offer. Going beyond the wheels, we also offer no-crash rollers, which eliminates the need to pack the wheels to obtain long dimensions.
Rolls transporting vegetables and fruits
The industry in which the vegetable and fruit transport process is used is often based on metal or metal - rubber elements. Conveying devices are mainly various types of shaft-related solutions. Depending on the required transport effect, the rollers are characterized by a different construction. There are metal, metal-rubber, metal-polyurethane rollers available on the market that have a specific construction. It allows you to transport vegetables and fruits in various directions (front, back, side) and with different transport (sliding, jumping, standing, mixed). Rollers with a rubber or polyurethane coating are most often used. This is related to the characteristics of the work of such a roller. Elastomeric coatings, reduce the possibility of damage to the transporting material, have a better mash (no slip) and reduce the weight of such a roller (the material has a lower density than metal). As for the shape of the shaft, "cochlear" rollers are most often used. This is one of the best models used in the vegetable and fruit industry. We work with many companies for which we regenerate and produce new rollers for the agricultural and vegetable and fruit industries.
Half rings for cutting knives
Polyurethane is one of the most commonly used coating materials for cutting knives. This is due to the mechanical and strength properties that this elastomer possesses. High resistance to abrasion, tearing, tearing, resilience, elasticity and the possibility of a considerable elongation that does not damage the material. Polyurethane coatings for die cutting knives come in many forms - polyurethane flat bars (flat, rounded), polyurethane coated rollers, polyurethane sleeves, metal-polyurethane sleeves (in whole or in half). The use of the latter enables practically trouble-free disassembly and assembly on the machine without prolonged machine downtime. Why? It is connected with a simple exchange process. The machine is permanently mounted with a metal roller on which two halves of a metal-polyurethane bush are mounted with screws. All you need is good access to the main roller, and assembly takes just 10 to 15 minutes. Many times, we help to remake the current solutions, in which, unfortunately, the replacement process is burdened with a long time and machine downtime.
Silicone plates - FDA and GP class
We have introduced silicone boards of two classes to our offer. FDA - boards meeting the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry and GP - general purpose boards. Plates manufactured by us are transparent and have the following dimensions: width 1200 mm, length 1-10 m and thickness 0.3 / 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2/3/4/5/6/8/10 / 12 mm. The hardness of our boards is usually 60 degrees Sh'A, sometimes occur in the hardness of 40 degrees Sh'A. The minimum quantity to be ordered is 1 m. Please contact us for a quote.
Grooved slats - vegetable and fruit processing industry
Grooved slats - vegetable and fruit processing industry
Polyurethane material, due to its variety, can often be programmed for a specific application. One of the parameters characterizing polyurethane is its hardness. Each hardness value affects certain features of the polyurethane elastomer. Soft polyurethanes from 20 - 60 degrees Sh'A are characterized by good mismatch and adhesion to other materials. These parameters were the preference in our next project. It was about slats with grooves that were supposed to hold the jars on the machine while packing different types of vegetable and fruit preserves. After two weeks of delivering the elements to our client, he informed us about the full success and checking of our material during the operation of the technological line.
Power strips
Power strips
Another branch of industry to which we were able to enter with polyurethane is the paper industry. We have made an interesting detail in the form of a rounded slat on one side, which is used to peel perforated paper on sections of a specific length. With this application, polyurethane will work perfectly, because it guarantees extremely high mechanical resistance to pressure, a very good back after deformation and low abrasiveness. In the whole paper industry, polyurethane has many other applications: no-crash wheels - cardboard transport, support elements for cutting knives, etc. I invite you to contact us if you would like to test our plastic in the conditions of your applications.
Polyurethane tips for the paving gripper
Manufacturers of new pavig grippers are increasingly replacing rubber elements - polyurethane. The strength of the polyurethane gripper tips is 10 times greater than that of rubber grippers. This allows for less failure and less frequent replacement of parts at the same time of use. Our factory manufactures paver gripper tips as new, replacement parts and regeneration of damaged items.

Milling of plastics and soft metals
Recently, we have been able to expand our machine park with a new machine - 3 axis milling machine for soft metals (eg aluminum) and all kinds of plastics with a working field 600x900x200. We are able to perform various forms and details from the above-mentioned materials. We accept every order from small and single ones to large and multi-series ones. We offer short terms and implementation at a high quality level. Please send all types of inquiries to our e-mail address and company phone.
Polyurethane fingers for poultry scrubbers
Polyurethane fingers for poultry scrubbers
Our company strives to improve the quality of our products every day. More and more often, we offer our clients a replacement of polyurethane rubber elements. Polyurethane as a flexible material excels among all elastomers when it comes to strength and mechanical parameters. The described change in the material we used for fingers diggers for poultry (chickens, ducks, geese ...). After testing the polyurethane elastomer, the customer stated that the strength of the fingers is 5 times greater than that of rubber. If you find that you often replace rubber elements, try converting them to polyurethane with our plant. Virtually every detail that was made of rubber can be made in polyurethane processing technology.
New detail
New detail
Agriculture - the star 1
New detail
New detail
Profiled transport strips
Rollers for joinery machines - regeneration
We regenerate the transport rollers, feeders and pressure rollers for all types of joinery machines. Regeneration involves the removal of an old damaged rubber or polyurethane coating and then applying a new coating to the target dimension. Rollers, wheels and rollers most commonly used in carpentry machines that can be regenerated in our plants: Stähle, Elu, Festo, Festo-Goliath, Roma, Frommia, Maggi, Maggi Variomatic, DDR, Martin, Panhans, SAC, Hofmann, Kölle, Harbs Georg Fischer, Guilliet, Bimatic, Umman, TSN, Duspohl, Verboom, Olimpie Ring, Holzher, Weinig, Gubisch, SCM, Winter, Watkin, Leadermac. We regenerate the rollers, wheels and rollers of each type from the manufacturers mentioned above.
Electronics in a polyurethane sheath
Electronics in a polyurethane sheath
We have developed an interesting technology for making polyurethane coatings on electronic components. Most often, they are elements of measuring devices operating in difficult conditions. In addition, our coatings in no way interfere with the operation of measuring equipment. In the photo an exemplary element made in our factory - it is a detector moving in the pipes, investigating the contamination of the pipeline.
Production of details of molds intended for rubber
Many companies are often forced to make rubber parts because they have molds adapted to produce with such a resin. Frequently molds for vulcanisation were very expensive. Changing the type of plastic can involve the execution of new molds, which at the time of molding is no longer profitable. Our company offers the possibility of changing the rubber material (worse parameters) to polyurethane (better parameters) using the old form for vulcanization. The old form is wholly or partly used for the production of polyurethane components. Sometimes it is necessary to modify it gently, but it is much cheaper than creating a new form. Similarly, you can use molds from other types of processing: injection molding, thermoforming, RIM…
Aid for the implementation of EU projects
Our plant takes an active part in the implementation of EU projects for various institutions and companies. We manufacture prototype polyurethane parts, polyurethane coatings for metal parts and other components based on polyurethane elastomer. The last two projects we have participated in are: polyurethane tires for prototype spacewalk wheels (service at the National Academy of Sciences) and flexible fillings for lathe vibration spindles (lathe manufacturers). We always try to help, regardless of the scale of production and the value of the whole venture. Interest institutions and companies are welcome to contact.
Regeneration of the "Disposables" - disposable rollers
Regeneration of disposable rollers is it possible? Yes. We offer a regeneration service called. "Disposals" using a special technology known only to our employees. We often encounter the situation that many machines are equipped with such rollers. What to do when such rollers wear out? The manufacturer obviously provides the opportunity to buy new rollers, but in most cases it is a quite expensive operation. Our company will provide a flexible shell replacement service (regeneration), which will reduce the cost of restarting the production line. During several dozen regeneration of such rollers we met with different types of rollers: freely rotating, with built-in counters, heaters, sensors and much more. If you are interested in repairing a flexible coating on disposable rolls, please contact us.
Elements for transport and storage containers
We carry out various orders for the production of transport and storage support elements. The main domain is polyurethane and polyurethane details with internal reinforcement in the form of metal sheets. These components in cages, containers, carts play a stabilizing and protecting role for transported objects in warehouses (sheet metal, glass, body parts, engines, etc.). Our company always values quality, therefore we produce mostly hot-dipped polyurethane. The resulting PUR material is characterized by the best durability. For comparison, the details of the rubber or polyurethane "cold" are characterized by much lower material life. Of course we have a raw material base for "hot and cold" production. Therefore, when the customer needs to choose the material according to their own quality / price ratio, we do not have the slightest problem. On our base we have many satisfied manufacturers of all transport systems that I work with such as: Volkswagen, Bosch, Samsung, Amica, Kompania Piwowarska, Toyota.
Regeneration of parts for carpentry machinery
The carpentry industry is a major branch of our business when it comes to the regeneration of various types of rubber, polyurethane, rubber-metal and polyurethane-metal components. The details that we regenerate are: rollers, wheels, rollers, grippers, bumpers, clamping elements and more. We only pour polyurethane coatings, because rubber as the material became obsolete. Its strength and resistance (abrasion) parameters are unbelievably lower than polyurethane. Many regeneration companies often use polyether polyurethane systems that are cheap and are not suitable for this type of application. We work mainly on polyester systems which are characterized by very high durability and low abrasion coefficient, and we can offer lower prices compared to competitors on our own formations.
Elements in animal meat processing
Elements in animal meat processing
Another branch of industry where polyurethane was used - the animal processing industry. One such application is the grippers (clingers), which help to separate the skin from the meat. Polyurethane details work here because the material they are made of is characterized by very high abrasion resistance and mechanical damage. The newest element made recently in our factory in the picture.
Polyurethane machining - turning, grinding, milling, cutting with water
It is often the case that there is a single element to carry out, which can be very expensive due to the cost of foundry equipment. Many coatings and polyurethane details are impossible or very difficult to make using only foundry molds. Here, mechanical machining techniques such as turning, grinding, milling or cutting with water come out. They allow for individual batches of a given workpiece and for finishing castings using molds. Here are some examples of mechanical machining:
- turning - made of hard polyurethane (min 90 Sh'A) can be made of various types of circular elements (bushings, rollers, discs, tubes, wheels, etc.). In addition, we often use this as a pre-treatment technique of polyurethane coatings that cover rollers.
- grinding - allows the surface to be turned or milled with great accuracy. We use two ground techniques - round and flat. The first allows for the processing of round elements while the second one is for flat elements.
- milling - helps to produce unit details that are shaped in three axes (X, Y, Z). Sometimes we need to remove the so-called. ingots formed when casting details in molds - here the fastest technique is milling.
- cutting with water - processing technology very fast, fairly accurate but with one drawback - the ability to cut only in two axes. With this machining technique you can make small and large series of parts that are "flat" (gaskets, washers).

Sleeves for folding machines
Sleeves for folding machines
We manufacture polyurethane components for the regeneration of ring and thread rollers. We make various types of sleeves, sleeves and polyurethane tapes, which serve as exchangeable elements for the rollers. Our business is conducted in two directions: We sell polyurethane items as interchangeable parts and we regenerate ourselves according to the needs of the customer. We produce polyurethane components in every dimension - standard and custom. Polyurethane as a material allows to increase the operating time of machines using folding machines compared to rubber components.
Additionally wheels vacuum regeneration of folding machines. We handle every type of wheel: 1-hole, 2-hole and 3-hole.

Regeneration of cyclone - polyurea
Regeneration of cyclone - polyurea
Are you looking for the possibility of covering the hard-wearing coating of elements working in difficult conditions? The answer to this kind of demand is polyurea coatings. The technology by which they are performed is reactive spray. This makes it possible to cover components of a different, complicated shape without the need for complicated forms like polyurethane. Polyurea coatings have many advantages such as: abrasion resistance, resistance to many solvents, high strength parameters, ideal adhesion to different substrates. The only drawback and perhaps an advantage is that the polyurea coating surface will always have a rough structure - this is due to the coating technology. The last major task was to cover the interior of the cyclone forming part through which the ceramic aggregate flows. Polyurethane coatings can be summarized - low cost, high strength.
Motorization - sports cars, ofroad cars, vintage cars
Motorization - sports cars, ofroad cars, vintage cars
Production of polyurethane components for standard cars including suspensions and bumpers is such a waste for our company. This is due to the fact that you need to produce such details in large quantities and quite cheaply. In order to make the project profitable all its production has to be made exclusively for this type of polyurethane processing. Therefore, our company specialized in short and special production series. We deal with car tuning, car customization (eg ofroad) and restoration of old vehicles. If you are looking for your polyurethane or metal-polyurethane parts for your vehicles, we are looking forward to working with you.
Polyurethane stirrers - concrete processing
Polyurethane stirrers - concrete processing
In our factory you can commission the strangest details, which have to be characterized by long service life (mainly low abrasion and high mechanical strength). The last big order was to make several thousand stirrers for the concrete processing industry (pictured). The stirrer was previously made of thermoplastic materials such as polyamide, teflon, ABS, but their life span was very short. Replacing them with polyurethane was a hit in the "decade". Mixer with polyurethane elements without replacement, worked 4 times longer than standard original parts.
Pipe cleaners
Pipe cleaners
Since we often modify our polyurethane systems, we are able to create polyurethane with the desired properties for a particular application. Elastic components of the cleaners should have high durability parameters, be difficult to handle and resistant to many solvents. We managed to create such a polyurethane system, which is called Heriflex. We produce cleaners according to the needs of different shapes (eg discs, mushrooms) and various hardnesses of polyurethane. The most commonly used polyurethane system for this type of demand is 70 Sh'A - Heriflex H3.
Polyurea and hybrid coatings
Traditional polyurethane casting makes it impossible to apply thin coating thicknesses of 1 - 5 mm. Opposite is polyurea-polyurea-polyurethane spraying technology or Polyurethane-Polyurethane Hybrid technology. An additional asset is the properties of the material described: the increased mechanical wear resistance (the coating wear is minimal) and the resistance to various chemicals (organic solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.). If you are interested in making a cover on a variety of materials (metal, plastics, stone, ceramics, wood, paper, etc.), we invite you to cooperate.
Phosphorescent polyurethane - a phenomenon of light
Phosphorescent polyurethane - a phenomenon of light
By definition, phosphorescence is a phenomenon of the illumination of the substance of the substance caused by external illumination from the outside. This process from the point of physics is caused by the first step of picking up the electron from the shell and introducing the atom into the excited state (charging) and then a relatively long time back to the original state (discharge) along with emitting light. This light can be emitted from a few seconds to even a few hours. Especially substances (luminophores) added to our polyurethane systems will knock out the elements "glowing in the dark" after having been "charged" with light.
Fluorescent polyurethane - the phenomenon of reflecting light
Fluorescent polyurethane - the phenomenon of reflecting light
Fluorescence is one of several types of luminescence. This phenomenon, like phosphorescence, involves "charging" (excitation of the atom) and "discharge" (emitting light). The difference between these two processes is the time in which the energy in the form of light is radiated. The fluorescence lasts about 10-8 s, while everything above that time is phosphorescence. Therefore, for the human eye, the process of emitting light is practically imperceptible, disappearing after removal of the stimulant. It can be assumed that only light reflection occurs. Polyurethane details made with fluorescent materials can act as reflective elements.
Rolls and wheels "no crash" - a replacement for polyurethane foam
Rolls and wheels "no crash" - a replacement for polyurethane foam
Do you wonder why the term "no crash"? Direct translation is "without failure". In practice, this means that they do not cause any damage during their work. Standard wheels and rollers made of solid polyurethane are not susceptible to deformation during pressure. Such a feature is characterized by wheels and rollers made of polyurethane foam, however, they are faster wear compared to solid polyurethane. Combination properties of solid polyurethane and foam are the wheels and rolls "no crash". During their work they press with the force of the material to move and wear less wear. We do both standard dimensions and custom made.
Polyurethane foam reinforced with solid polyurethane
Made of foam is cheaper option than solid polyurethane. Details produced using the first option are characterized by medium strength parameters. The solution to this problem may be to make a solid polyurethane coating on the surface of polyurethane foam. This will increase the life of the element several times.
Polyurethane scraper - a replacement for polyamide
In industry, the most commonly used scraper material is polyamide. The advantage of this material is its relatively low price, while the low resistance to abrasion is quite low. Producing a polyurethane scraper improves the abrasion resistance of 5 times that of polyamide. Our company is able to produce components of all shapes (from simple flat bars to intricate shapes).
Automobile - lift feet
Automobile - lift feet
For centuries the elastomer used to manufacture the components in the automotive industry is rubber. It is an inexpensive material because the rubber elastomer consists of a large filler. This is very detrimental to the viability of such components. We try to displace the rubber from various industries in favor of polyurethane. The life span of polyurethane elastomer components is several times greater. The details that are exposed to high mechanical loads (crushing, tearing ...) are the lifts of the car lifts.
Polyurethane injection - lower production costs
All polyurethane is associated with thermosetting but this is not entirely true. Polyurethanes based on TDI are the most duroplasty, while MDI is thermoplastic based. As a result of our long search we have found TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which can be processed by standard techniques for thermoplastics - extrusion and injection. This is a great convenience if the production involves quantities above 1000 pieces. If you need to make polyurethane details in large quantities then I invite you to cooperate, the use of injection or extrusion significantly lowers the cost of production of such an element.
Stone industry - diamond line guide
Machining of stone blocks (eg granite) is carried out by means of diamond chain saws. The cutting of the stone takes place by rubbing the diamond wire with the surface of the workpiece. The diamond cord is mounted on metal wheels (so called steel rims) padded with polyurethane guides. Polyurethane is ideally suited for this type of application due to its high abrasion resistance. At the state of the plant we have for sale 4 types of 3 meters. For more information on available sizes and prices, please contact us. For special inquiries / orders, we make guides for specific dimensions set by the customer.
Thimble brake - polyurethane lining - regeneration
Thimble brake - polyurethane lining - regeneration
Our various production branches have become various types of brake pads (brake pads). They can have a variety of shapes from simple polyurethane coatings to complex details with PUR lining. In the picture shown one of three (set) elements used to brake paper gils for use as paper and foil core.
"Semi-ring" polyurethane
"Semi-ring" polyurethane
We have recently received a request from a customer to produce half an o-rings. These elements are mounted on rollers and are used to move the sheets of paper. Previously, the customer was using standard NBR rubber o-rings, which caused some problems. The rubber parts stained the paper and due to the rounding on the outside caused the sheets to be distorted. An additional advantage of polyurethane semi-o rings is much greater wear resistance.
Polyurethane gaskets / sealants
Polyurethane gaskets / sealants
We make all kinds of polyurethane seals resistant to oil and water.
Polyurethane gears
Polyurethane gears
Many customers have problems with gears because they are often damaged. Commonly used material for this type of detail is polyamide, which unfortunately is quite brittle and characterized by high abrasion. Thanks to the use of polyurethane, these two disadvantages have been overcome.
Protective elements under the knife cut
Protective elements under the knife cut
We produce very strong polyurethane moldings for die cut knives.
Metal-polyurethane bumpers
Metal-polyurethane bumpers
In the wood industry, various types of metal-polyurethane buffers are used very often. Why? They will prevent damage to the treated wood.
Metal-polyurethane feet
Need to make metal-polyurethane feet of inaccessible dimensions? Report to our company we will help you !!!
Flexible couplings - polyurethane + metal
Flexible couplings - polyurethane + metal
Very often after unsuccessful details made of rubber, customers are asking us to replace the rubber -> polyurethane. An interesting job was the production of a flexible coupling consisting of two steel plates and between them polyurethane. In this case, it is a special polyurethane system resistant to high breaking forces and oil environment.
"Quick regeneration"
"Quick regeneration"
Customers are increasingly trying to save time and money associated with machine servicing. We introduce a service of "quick regeneration" associated with the rescue of partially worn elements by mechanical treatment. Often the surface alignment of the working element allows the parts to be returned. This is related to the ability to adjust the machine or the size of a piece is not as important as the surface to be equal.
As part of the work with "special" elements, we have made special supports. The uniqueness of the detail lies in the radial shape (radius approx. 300 mm). If you have atypical detail for regeneration or production, contact us.

Automotive - polyurethane bumpers
Automotive - polyurethane bumpers
It is often the case that the data provider of a component for reasons that are not fully dependent on it can not fulfill the planned order. In addition, when the order is subject to contractual penalties, the situation is not interesting. Such a problem was addressed to us a customer who had to have "quickly" produced 10,000 sets of automotive feet. It was hard and laborious, but we managed to meet the challenge. If you have a production problem, contact us and we will always try to help.
Coating of polyurethane antistatic
Use of innovative antistatic agent, the addition of a minimum amount of the polyurethane allows to obtain a resistance to the order of 10-6 Ohm. Coatings of this type have been used among other things as transport rollers films, footers operating tables, etc. The minimum amount of the additive does not affect the deterioration of the strength properties of the polyurethane material.
Series production - plastic injection
We also carry out production projects wieloseryjnych using processing technology injection (order min. 1000 pieces.). Injection technology allows for a very low price details. Of the technology we process virtually any thermoplastic material. Innovation is the processing of polyurethane by the method described. We offer affordable prices and short lead times.
The protective polyurethane
Polyurethane due to its properties meet as various types of protective elements. Details shielding can be made entirely of polyurethane or polyurethane reinforced metal core (eg. Steel sheet). Depending on the needs of the project and we are able to make components from simple to complex shapes.
Paint rollers, ink rollers, lamination rollers - production and regeneration
In connection with the introduction of a new polyurethane system, we offer the ability to perform polyurethane coatings with special properties. Shafts of our coatings are characterized by:
- Hardness of the coatings 20 - 95 Sh'A
- Abrasion resistance
- Resistance to lacquers, paints
- Resistance to temperatures up to 100 deg. C
- Ease of handling and rendering varnishes and paints
- Small foil adhesion during lamination
- Increased antistatic
Regenerate damaged coating on the shafts of old and new rollers are made from scratch (metal core + coating).

Paper industry - wheel / roll suction folding
Paper industry - wheel / roll suction folding
Recently, we regenerate suction roll for folding (eg. Heidelberg). This element often wears and the new roll is a considerable expense. Our factory mastered special technology for the regeneration of these details. Regenerate all types of rolls, regardless of size, number of holes and complicated construction.

Guides and slides polyurethane
Guides and slides polyurethane
Details guide and slide are most often made of EPDM rubber and thermoplastics. Unfortunately it would be two kinds of materials is mainly characterized by low resistance to abrasion. In their place are increasingly entering the polyurethane. We have many satisfied customers who, after testing on our products will never return to the old material. If you are not convinced of PUR, we can always prepare and send free samples of the polyurethane material.
Rubber cheaper than polyurethane ??
What convinces customers to replace the rubber elements on polyurethane? Come on their price is usually higher ... The answer is simple. Polyurethane components are characterized by exceptionally long life (5 - 20 times longer). Overall, material polyurethane and so it will be cheaper if we take into account the viability of elements of PUR.
Elements spun-abrasive polyurethane
Elements spun-abrasive polyurethane
Machine Elements spun-abrasive usually can be divided into the site where the abrasive process - grinding chamber and the details causing abrasion - abrasive inserts. Containers for the abrasive process is the most sorts of "bowl spinning", and the abrasive elements are usually filled in the form of spheres, cylinders, cubes, tetrahedrons, and the like. "Grinding bowl" frequently made of the hard polyurethane (approx. 98 Sh'A ), and the abrasive material in the form of solid blocks of different hardness (as needed Sh'A 20 - 75 SH'D).
Road construction - polyurethane products
Road construction - polyurethane products
As the material, looking for materials whose consumption is less and less in a given unit of time. This improves productivity of the processes. The road industry polyurethane elements most often: mats compactors, scrapers, road rollers, plowshares for plows odśnieżających elements caterpillars.
Mining Industry - polyurethane products
Mining Industry - polyurethane products
The largest industry in which the rubber is displaced by the polyurethane is mining. The possibility of very large modification of polyurethanes makes it possible to program the properties of the PU for specific needs. We have all kinds of additives to improve performance antistatic and flame retardancy materials. Frequently-contract products are scrapers, rollers rings, sealing coats, linings for chutes, runners smooth.
Processing of concrete - polyurethane products
Processing of concrete - polyurethane products
Wide branch of industry, which are used in polyurethane plastics processing industry is concrete. The most commonly made of polyurethane components include: concrete pump pistons, blades, scrapers, covers metal parts, components production machinery concrete. Special material for the concrete industry has a high abrasion resistance and high resistance to mechanical wear.
Accessories for ships, boats, yachts and quays
Accessories for ships, boats, yachts and quays
We offer the ability to produce parts for the entire water industry. Among the standard components manufactured in our factory distinguish parts for ships, boats, yachts: anchors polyurethane rollers bottom (for transport), fenders, covers oars and elements of the quays - mostly harbor fenders. We also produce custom content for specific customer inquiry. Details are made of materials resistant to the aqueous environment and heavy loads.
Polyurethane coatings - adhesion to the surface
Often customers do not outsource polyurethane coatings of various materials, as presuppose that between the polyurethane and the ground will not grip. Through the use of special primers and innovative technologies to prepare the area of ​​coverage, we are able to cover virtually any material. Exceptions are self-lubricating materials, this is due to the fact that, during the machining on the workpiece there is a thin film of lubricant. It prevents good anchoring of the adhesive on the substrate which increases the adhesion of the PU material.
Separate parts with complex shapes
Separate parts with complex shapes
We offer assistance in the performance of the unit complex parts or polyurethane coatings with complex shapes. We have special technology to make molds of silicone or polyurethane to individual work. Implementation of the minimum amount of complex castings does not need to match the high cost, due to the high price of steel mold or aluminum.
Production of shafts, rollers, wheels with polyurethane coating
Production of shafts, rollers, wheels with polyurethane coating
Currently, our company apart from the regeneration of polyurethane coatings on the rolls, reels and wheels, also provides services in the performance of the basics outlined above elements. Regardless of the scale of demand we make new elements in the scale unit and wieloseryjnej. To know the valuation of the execution of the new roller, the roller wheels or just write, then send you a free quote.
Workshop - sleepers
Polyurethane increasingly "knocks" to garages. Element that is consumed at a rapid pace to the foot, and layers of various types of elevators. For a long time, these elements are made of rubber (often the lowest filled in a large amount of fillers). This affects a shortened life span and frequent replacement of these parts. Anyone who has tried to replace a flat tire on polyurethane (is more expensive than rubber) never returns to the rubber components.
Flexible couplings
Flexible couplings
We offer the ability to perform or regenerate different kinds of flexible couplings. Depending on the nature of the work they adjust the type of polyurethane material and the same structure coupling. We also work unit.
Forklifts - overlay fork
Forklifts - overlay fork
Transport trolley materials which can not be damaged when the external wall is often quite difficult. Therefore, we offer the possibility to produce overlays polyurethane fork or covered with polyurethane same fork. Customers who have benefited from such solutions are very pleased with the results.
Polyurethane bumpers, metal - Polyurethane - Wood
Polyurethane bumpers, metal - Polyurethane - Wood
Industry which were applied polyurethane bumpers and metal - Polyurethane is the wood industry. They help protect the wood against mechanical damage during finishing. Polyurethane bumpers terms of rubber buffers keep a longer life.
Belts made of polyurethane
Polyurethane displaces rubber in various industries. Another example is polyurethane belts. There are different kinds of belts - polyurethane with a predetermined diameter, grooved, reinforced with trawls, fabrics. Depending on requirements, we adjust production technologies to the required operating characteristics.
Tubes polyurethane, polyurethane liner pipe
Tubes polyurethane, polyurethane liner pipe
In our plant recently, you can produce pipes with polyurethane spigots in a specific order (according to the dimensions of the customer). Additionally, we offer the possibility to coat pipes from the inside (coating resistant to abrasion). Any kind of details can scoff phone.
Wheels and rollers - production and regeneration
We produce and regenerate wheels and castors for applications:
wheel bridge to treatment
wheel forklift
wheels for pallet trucks
roll into production lines
rollers and wheels for various types of equipment and machinery
roller conveyors
tension rollers
roller distribution
pressure wheels
low-loaded rollers
other, depending on the client's needs
Polyurethane molds - imitation stone, wood
Polyurethane molds - imitation stone, wood
We produce molds for concrete, plaster, cement imitating stone and wood. Moulds are made from models supplied by the customer.
Seals, sealing disks, lead disks
We produce collar made drives, sealing and leading. We have standard dimensions and elements are made under specific order by drawing or design client.
Special Offer - rubber vs. polyurethane
We have prepared a special offer for companies that would like to see the superiority of the elements or coatings of polyurethane in comparison to rubber. Individual elements or coating can be produced in gratisie or for a small fee (to refund tooling). In order to determine the details please contact us.
Polyurethane vs. Silicon
Polyurethane vs. Silicon
We have prepared a new comparison of polyurethane materials vs. silicon. Each material has characteristics distinguishing among others:
polyurethane - high mechanical strength and
silicone - high temperature resistance
Annex comparative table of performance.

Paint rollers with polyurethane
Polyurethane coated rollers are increasingly replacing the rubber coating rollers. Why? Polyurethane elastomer has specific properties that put this material over rubber. What are the characteristics?
1. Resistance to abrasion
Polyurethane coatings have a 5 - fold less attrition as compared to rubber, while maintaining the mechanical strength increased. This affects extend the life of the rollers coated with PU elastomer.
2. Chemical Resistance
According to the basic material is used in making the polyurethane can be pre-designed parameters which will have a final material. PU elastomer is resistant to:
 oils
 hot water
 acids
 rules
 alcohols
 fats
 petrol
 kerosene
 aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons
3. Reduced adhesion (adhesion) of various kinds of media in the polyurethane
One of the important properties desired in the industry which are used in paints, varnishes, oils, and the like. Coatings made from polyurethane and move straight to give the above-described media for the materials to be coated (covered with varnish, paint, oil).
If you like to see that these words are not "sweet fairy tale" can cover various types of rollers in order to test them. For the individual rollers within reasonable dimensions, this service can be made from a large discount.

Polyurethane - Short-term temperature resistance
The development of our company is based on continuous searching for new solutions based on customer needs. Customers are making ever greater demands on the polyurethane (increased strength parameters, temperature resistance ...). Most of the plastic polyurethane has a relatively low temperature resistance (approx. 70°C). Currently, we process special material, which can withstand brief exposure to temperatures approx. 100°C available in different hardness and brief contact with the temperature approx. 125°C (hardness 50 Sh'D).
Surface treatment of polyurethane - grooves and notches
Surface treatment of polyurethane - grooves and notches
If you need to perform grooves, incisions on the surface of rubber or polyurethane contact us. We grooves of varying cross-section: simple (square, semicircular, triangular, trapezoidal) and complicated (usually mixed sections). Most grooved or scored are shafts, rollers, wheels, plates, and the like.
Regeneration of coatings of various metal or plastic
Expansion of the machine park has allowed the possibility to offer a service regeneration of rubber-to-metal, polyurethane-metal, rubber-plastic, polyurethane-plastic. Machining center, which allows the processing of complex shapes makes it easier to restore a regenerated detail to the initial state. Virtually no element which we were not able to recover. If you have a complicated detail, which no one wants to fix it please contact us - we always try to help you.
Regeneration coatings shafts, rollers and wheels
In connection with the development of our company we introduced the service regeneration coatings of rubber and polyurethane rollers, rolls and wheels. Service recovery involves the removal of the old coating, surface preparation and application of a new coat of polyurethane. Depending on the quality required surface shafts, rollers and wheels are polished or machined blades turning. We invite you to cooperation.
No crash - wheels and rollers
No crash - wheels and rollers
Industry is a branch of the economy, which is growing at a tremendous rate. Therefore, you need to look for new materials and technical solutions to meet the market demand. Such an interesting product are the elements of "no crash" - wheels or rollers. Details are usually made of medium-hard polyurethane and cut holes specially designed shapes. This allows to obtain the component at the same time rigid and soft as the use of the hole results in a very good adhesion of the outer surface of the wheel or roller The impressed material. In order to obtain wider information on the details of "no crash" please contact us.
Full profiles of polyurethane casting method
Full profiles of polyurethane casting method
Production of full plastic profiles usually done using extrusion technology. Extrude be most commercially available plastics: polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), acrylonitrile-butadiono-styrene (ABS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC, PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polycarbonate (PC), polyacetal (POM ), polyamide (PA), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), rubber (EPDM, NBR, SBR). The extrusion process has its drawbacks, unfortunately, one of them is the limit of profitability of such production. Profitability order begins only when ordering a minimum of 100 m of the profile. The demand of most companies is a few meters embossed detail. To meet this demand offers the possibility of profiles of different shapes of sections 1 - 3 m (depending on shape) of polyurethane. Because of the large span of the properties of molded polyurethane moldings may be flexible, semi-flexible and rigid.
Products made of polyurethane 1
Polyurethane elements, which are made in our factory:
> Sleeves for rail cars
> Bumpers conveyors
> Handles Vacuum
> Car handles
> Mounting transmission
> Exhaust hangers
> Polyurethane fork
> Wheels escalators
> Wheel lift
> Handles polyurethane
> Clamps Polyurethane
> Bumpers bowling alleys
> Cups Polyurethane
> Coupled spiders
> Polyurethane membrane
> Gear couplings
> Pulleys

Life of the machine with parts of polyurethane
Frequently, customers may not believe that the polyurethane coating or elements are able to work more time than the same made of rubber. Everything stems from a completely different chemical structure of the polyurethane. If you want to find out about the benefits of the use of polyurethane invited to perform individual pieces of shells or details. Once they tested applications will suggest themselves.
The prototype - Trial production – Serial production
Always the execution of high-volume production of thoughts appear and details will come true in its application. That's why we met the customer and introduced the principle of "prototype - Trial production - serial production." It means that we first prototype. At this stage, you can modify the dimensions, material, etc. After accepting the prototype, we increased the number of forms and us approach the trial production or series production. Everything depends on the will of the customer if he wants to receive a series of trial for re-approval, or immediately enter into serial production.
Choosing the right polyurethane
If you want to do / recover detail polyurethane, but do not have information about the material does not constitute an obstacle to us. Just get on your detail - a pattern or a set of information on the use or purpose component polyurethane. We have the equipment, which will allow you to specify how the pattern is made of polyurethane (hardness, material resources, special features, etc.).
Modifications polyurethane - improvement of selected properties
The basic polyurethane systems we use for the production of polyurethane coatings or elements have very good but universal properties. Thanks to our extensive experience and facilities among other basic components, we are able to modify core systems, giving them better performance at the specifics of the demand. You can affect parameters such as wear resistance, flame retardant, antistatic, water resistance, resistance to oils and others.
Silicone forms vs. polyurethane forms
Forms silicone have been used for the production of prototype parts, the separate and specific serial production (cast concrete and plaster). The biggest drawback of the silicone molds is their low mechanical strength, which adversely affects the production of serial (high frequency of replacement). With come polyurethane molds that are several times more durable. Molds are made of polyurethane systems cast a cold, in which the company supplies us BTH HERIS.
Brake linings made of polyurethane
Brake pads are not only used in the automotive industry but also in other industries. An example of the application other than "automobile" is a deceleration systems for the gathering of paper to serve as the core for winding paper, foil, etc.. Coating polyurethane used in brake pads are made in our factory of PU systems with increased resistance to abrasion and temperature.
The polyurethane of the food industry
The most commonly used elastomer in the food industry is rubber. Due to the large tightening placed raw materials used in the production of food, food gum material is very low (less mechanical strength than standard gum used in the industrial non-food). Opposite this demand comes our company, we offer polyurethane food contact intermediate (20 Sh'A - 75 Sh'D) and direct contact (60 Sh'A to 75 Sh'D). This material is characterized by parameters similar to standard polyurethane used in the food industry.
Paint rollers and adhesive rolls of polyurethane
Polyurethane coatings are characterized by certain characteristics favorable in the production printing industry, wood and related industries. Specifically in terms of rollers paint, varnish and glue with PUR coatings. What is most important in this type of work is the perfect moving and putting varnish, paint, glue applied on the plane (paper, foil, boards, etc.). In addition, the polyurethane coating have much greater mechanical strength than rubber or silicone, which affects their extended use. If you would be interested in the possibility of covering the coating rollers please contact us.
Polyurethanes - additional measures
All additional measures for the production of polyurethanes provides us with a firm "BTH Heris." Measures, which we supply are:
> dyes / pigments
> antistatic
> antifoams
> plasticizers
> solvents PUR

Resource base
All the raw materials for the production of polyurethane elastomers provides us with "BTH Heris", which imports raw materials from reputable foreign companies. The current base ingredients allows you to receive elastomers based on MDI, TDI, HDI Sh'A hardness 20 - 75 Sh'D and polyurea. In order to choose the right material for the specific application please contact us.
Production of details - a form of initial and target
Due to the production technology of cast polyurethanes most of the details is performed with the participation of more or less complex molds. Forms can be divided into two kinds of forms of initial and target ("the product on the ready"). Preforming is to obtain the initial shape of the element, and then subjected to machining to final shape. Methods target omit a mechanical processing step because it is designed to obtain immediately the desired shape. We cast details in the forms designed and manufactured in our factory, and by the customer. We also help customize the forms the customer the ability to dispense them in polyurethane.

Production in RAL K5
Cooperation with BTH HERIS creates an unimaginably large facilities dyes and pigments. Accordingly, we are able to produce the polyurethane elements in practically any color contained in the pattern K5 RAL colors outside a "metallic" and "bright". Upon receipt of each color is added products in order to confirm the final color. Thus the sample workpiece made if necessary is sent to the customer for approval of the final color.
Cross resistance / Surface resistance
According to all standards, there are two types of resistivity (volume and surface). This parameter determines whether the material is:

a.Volume resistance
104 m
b.Surface resistance
2.Semiconductive (Antistatic)
a.Volume resistance
108 m, 104 m
b.Surface resistance
1010 , 107
a.Volume resistance
108 m
b.Surface resistance

The conductive material can only be obtained by forming a composite with a non-conductive material (rubber, polyurethane) from the conductor (carbon black, metal powder) with 50% / 50%. Large use of soot or metallic dust slows down the rubber mixture and the possibility of a faster reconstitution under the influence of different solvents.

The semiconductor material (also referred to as ESD standards) may be obtained by adding small quantities of different types of special additives do not affect the parameters of the material. But then we get to the level of anti-static 108

Non-conductive material which is rubber or polyurethane is characterized by the standard resistance at 1012

Therefore, to have introduced antistatic material, which has a resistance at 
106 - 108 Ω. Wherever required to discharge static electricity, our material is perfectly true.
The new polyurethane material
Today introduced a new polyurethane material !!! It allows elements to be obtained with a hardness of more than 100 Sh'A.
Hardness measurements
Hardness measurements
Often we faced with the fact that customers can not adequately determine the hardness of polyurethane required by their application. This is not a problem if it can be measured hardness for the / sample with the polyurethane by the szoromierza (durometer) - of course, we such a device. However, if you can not measure samples of polyurethane material we are able to advise the appropriate hardness.
Regenerate or buy a new one?
Often during repair wondering whether to buy an original or a replacement part. Mostly original parts are expensive and they bring is quite difficult. Where to get a replacement can regenerate the old part. May the two options are available in our company. In the next posts I will try to explain how we replace or regenerate the part.
RUBBER VS. Polyurethane
RUBBER VS. Polyurethane
Something for those who like comparisons.
RUBBER VS. Polyurethane
Summary of typical polyurethane system and the most mechanically resistant rubber (SBR)

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